Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flotsam & Jetsam Tutorial

What you'll need:
5/8yd Dark Blue/Green Fabric for the Fins
1yd Light Blue/Green for the body
1yd Batting
One Square of White, Yellow & Black Felt
Black Embroidery Thread & Needle
Opt: Sequins
Sewing Machine

 Step 1: I eyeballed what they should look like and made a pattern on paper to make sure the tails were going the right way to wrap around each other. the one that's going down needs to be longer then the eel up. cut 2 each
(in picture below bottom eel is upside down.)

And then you need to cut out your batting.
(one eel will be going up the other going down)

 Step 2: with your 5/8 fabric divided it in 4 going the long way so each piece is the same width.
and fold each one in half. this will make your fins.

 For 2 of them, stitch a W & stitch the edge as a slant.
and turn it end side out

for the other 2 just sew the edge as a slant.
and turn inside out.

With your straight stitch make it as big as your can DON'T back your hem up.
and make two lines so your can pull them together to gather.

sew the fins on your eels with the raw edges facing out. the w piece goes on top I used the whole length for the top.
The bottom piece I used 75% of it. and cut the rest off. make sure when you get close to the end of the tail you start to slant your fin fabric to the fold of the fin.

now but your second piece of fabric on top of your first piece, putting the right sides together.

Then do the same with your batting

and sew all the way around (Make Sure you leave a spot so you can turn your fabric inside out)

And turn it inside out you'll have a hole were you turned it. so just hand stitch it up or use your machine.

Now place the fins the way your want them and then pin and sew them to stay in place.

Step 3: now all you need to do is the faces. I just free handed it. and hand stitched everything.
Felt: Eyes and Teeth
Embroidery: Gills, mouth, eyebrows and around eye balls.

Step 4: this is Optional I just hand stitched some sequins on since I just had some laying around. so I just add them to the fins.

And your all Done your got your Poopsies!


If you wanted to make this easy on your self make it more like a scarf. here are some example's :
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