Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Treasure Chest DIY

Treasure Chest
out of a Foam Cooler
 What you'll need:
Foam Cooler Walmart
Brown and Gold paint
Gold Glitter Paper
Black Paper
Gold Fabric or Thick Ribbon
OPT: Gold Sequin Trim
Hot Glue Gun
Foam Brush

First I Made lines where I wanted to do the gold.
then I made hot glue dots. I did them down the sides and around the top

Paint it. I had to do two coats and I put it on thick.
Cut out your glitter paper and your black key hole

and hot glue it on

This is what it will look like
Then I had gold fabric laying around so I made them a couple inches thick
and hot glue them on and I hot glued the gold sequins on top.

Then I just painted the glue dots brown
And your done! you have a Treasure Chest for your Drinks