Friday, December 26, 2014

Chalk Board Garland

 DIY Chalk Board

Chalk Board:
Chalk Board $7.99 @ Hobby Lobby with coupon $4.80
Wood Crown 65cents @ Hobby Lobby
Paper $7 @ Hobby Lobby (the glitter cardstock is 1.99 eh so go when they are doing 50% I didn't want to wait so I paid full price. if waited would of been $3.50
Chalk Holder:
Bucket $1.99 @ Hobby Lobby with Coupon $1.29
Wood 2pk $2.99 @ Hobby Lobby Coupon $1.80
Knob $4.99 @ Hobby Lobby Coupon $3.00 mine was 50% so it was $2.49
Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon on there phone app or website to print. so never go with out a coupon. and make sure to check there adds because sometimes there adds are better then there coupons.
So First I hot glued the crown on the corner of the chalk board.  

Then I place paper down and tape it all the way around and spray painted the edges.

To make the garland all you need to do is cut the paper in to triangles and use a hole punch
and make two holes on the two top corners

then you thread your ribbon through the holes.
 you can have your ribbon show on top of the paper like the pictures
 or you can thread it by putting it behind the paper

 Then you just put a tack in the top corners and tie your ribbon around them to hold the garland.
and I had these black stickers laying around so I put her name on it.
and your done :)

spray paint the wood

Drill a hole in the middle or where you want the knob at

screw the knob on

you can see I have a grab between the knob and wood. well I have no idea how to cut the screw off in the back. (So if you do please leave a comment on how to)

so I just screwed it on till the nut fits on the back

and just place the bucket on the knob. it fits perfectly in-between the grab so you cant really till there was a grab

Build Your Own Fort Tutoiral

^^^Print out^^^

 (bag Tutorial found Here )

What's Inside from Dollar Tree:
Cloths Pins
Section cup hooks
Door hook

Little Bag Tutorial found

big Sheet with ties 

Below shows you where I sewed on the ties. the sheet was to big to take pictures.
I went to the DI and got a twin and a full Sheet and sewed them together.
I made each kid a Treat bag.

with crackers, s'mores,
Dollar Tree: glow sticks and flashlights 

and a Felt Fire so they can camp out
 Tutorial found Here

and i got a LED Light at the Dollar Tree to stick in side.
I painted it red.

and my favorite part a Activity Bag.

Inside I Put

In a Dark Dark Room book, it was a must
you have to have scary stories to tell each other.

and you need to know how to do Hand shadow puppetry

Print Out:

with some Tic Tac Toe :)
Print out found Here

and if you never seen these before Their awesome!
Story Stones to make up some fun stories.
Tutorial found Here

 made this little book to go with the space ones.

Shadow Puppets
Print out found Here

and since I had a dark fort you need white back drop for your shadows
I found this blackout fabric at Joann's in the scrap pile :)
I just punched holes in the corners and tied yarn to them

And there you have it. A Build a Fort Kit and Activities to go with

Little Bag Tutorial

Make a long Rectangle the size you want your bag.

serge both short ends

when you fold have one side longer then the other and iron

sew your Velcro on

 Then serge down the sides
and your done

now you can put all the little pieces of the fort inside :)

***For the activity bag I sewed the straps on after the second step you can use fabric or ribbon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peppermint Plate Tutorial

Peppermint Plates

What you will need:
Wax Paper
8inch round cake pans

Bake at: 350* for 8 to 9 minutes
Keep a close watch after 8 minutes.

So they have the Peppermint bags at Walmart for 94 cents you get around 3 8 inch Plates with 2 bags.
I used around 38-40 peppermints per pan.
first you cut a circle out of the wax paper and lay it in the pan and press the sides down.
lay your peppermints close together

 (if you notice a big gap when its almost done cooking take a knife and push the peppermints together and cook for a couple more seconds)
don't leave them into long or they will start to bubble and they wont look like a peppermint anymore

when you pull them out let them cool for a minute and left the wax paper up and place on a cooling rack.

when cooled remove your wax paper, I left my wax paper on.
 it was stuck to the bottom so I just took it off the sides so you couldn't see it.
Here is the wax paper side
and the right side

and your all done :)
Coming soon
homemade Gingerbread house that will go on these peppermint plates :)