Friday, December 26, 2014

Build Your Own Fort Tutoiral

^^^Print out^^^

 (bag Tutorial found Here )

What's Inside from Dollar Tree:
Cloths Pins
Section cup hooks
Door hook

Little Bag Tutorial found

big Sheet with ties 

Below shows you where I sewed on the ties. the sheet was to big to take pictures.
I went to the DI and got a twin and a full Sheet and sewed them together.
I made each kid a Treat bag.

with crackers, s'mores,
Dollar Tree: glow sticks and flashlights 

and a Felt Fire so they can camp out
 Tutorial found Here

and i got a LED Light at the Dollar Tree to stick in side.
I painted it red.

and my favorite part a Activity Bag.

Inside I Put

In a Dark Dark Room book, it was a must
you have to have scary stories to tell each other.

and you need to know how to do Hand shadow puppetry

Print Out:

with some Tic Tac Toe :)
Print out found Here

and if you never seen these before Their awesome!
Story Stones to make up some fun stories.
Tutorial found Here

 made this little book to go with the space ones.

Shadow Puppets
Print out found Here

and since I had a dark fort you need white back drop for your shadows
I found this blackout fabric at Joann's in the scrap pile :)
I just punched holes in the corners and tied yarn to them

And there you have it. A Build a Fort Kit and Activities to go with