Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Story Stones


Fairy Tale Stones:

Camping Stones:

Space Stones:

Car Stone:
just made it for fun you can throw it into any story

What you'll need to make your own Story Stones:
Smooth Stones I got mine at Walmart for $5
Acrylic Paint Walmart 50 cents each
I just got red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black costing= $4.50
use your white to make lighter pinks, blue, etc...
Fine Paintbrush
and some kind of Varnish, Acrylic sealer or Mod Podgy to make the picture last longer
and you IMAGINATION to create your pictures :) 
and a Bag to keep them in
The fun things about these stones you can mix them together and make a crazy imagination story or you can separate them by category's .
how to use them: will that's up to you and your imagination.
you can place them into a bag and only pull one out a time to make you story
or you can lay them out into the order you want your story to go.
If you have a different way of doing it please leave a comment and share :)
This creative blogger came up with a way cute idea a story book that goes with the rocks.
for the story book below I used the lovely Blogger story.
hopefully she doesn't mind. I made it for my nephews and I love how simple the story was
and how cute it was so I decided to make one for them.
This way they can have a clue on how to make there story's up.

I hope this helps you on how to make and use your story stones :)
your little ones in your life will love them.
my daughter that's 3 loves playing with them and telling me what each picture is