Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peppermint Plate Tutorial

Peppermint Plates

What you will need:
Wax Paper
8inch round cake pans

Bake at: 350* for 8 to 9 minutes
Keep a close watch after 8 minutes.

So they have the Peppermint bags at Walmart for 94 cents you get around 3 8 inch Plates with 2 bags.
I used around 38-40 peppermints per pan.
first you cut a circle out of the wax paper and lay it in the pan and press the sides down.
lay your peppermints close together

 (if you notice a big gap when its almost done cooking take a knife and push the peppermints together and cook for a couple more seconds)
don't leave them into long or they will start to bubble and they wont look like a peppermint anymore

when you pull them out let them cool for a minute and left the wax paper up and place on a cooling rack.

when cooled remove your wax paper, I left my wax paper on.
 it was stuck to the bottom so I just took it off the sides so you couldn't see it.
Here is the wax paper side
and the right side

and your all done :)
Coming soon
homemade Gingerbread house that will go on these peppermint plates :)